Strange Materials

bark artOutback, 2007
Eucalyptus bark, wood-burning tool


My First Websites

Below are links to my first websites I created using Adobe Dreamweaver. pexels-photo-196644

I won’t subject you to the very first site I did which consisted of my name, the name of my class, and just a couple of sentences about myself. But here is my second site. This is a fictional site and all of the information was provided through my class. Only the webpage design is original.

Girls and Boys Club – site design by me

Getting a little more sophisticated with this site. Again, a fictional gallery with all content and some images provided through my Web Design class. The webpage design is my own and some images were found via Pexels online.

Watermann Gallery – site design by me again, it’s getting better!

My final project is coming up which I may share here. Stay tuned!

De Niro Portrait

This was one of my favorite projects in my Typography class. We were assigned to create a portrait of a celebrity entirely of letters, and then incorporate that portrait into a magazine spread.

We were encouraged to choose someone with defining features and a high-quality image with value contrast. I chose Robert de Niro since he is highly recognizable and has distinct facial features. We then created a transparent layer over the image to add the letters to.

Choosing a font that we felt represented our celebrity, we added each individual letter in it’s own text-box using Adobe Illustrator — it was very time-consuming! Large letters were used to fill dark spaces, and smaller letters were used to create detailsĀ in the face.

Robert de Niro magazine spread design
Note: Lorem Ipsum is filler text used by designers to show a ‘complete’ page layout.


My Web Goals

My future web goals are to become comfortable with HTML and CSS coding and Dreamweaver software. These tools are essential for designing basic websites for friends, family, and future clients. I hope that learning and becoming familiar with these skills will supplement my artistic and design ability to make me a competitive candidate for future career options.